Cesspit & Septic Tank Cleaning, Emptying & Drainage in West Yorkshire

Septic Tank Cleaning & Maintenance

At Bentley Drains one of our key services is the maintenance, emptying & cleaning of both septic tanks & cesspits.

If you have a septic tank or cesspit installed at your property or a business premises, it is extremely important to ensure that your tank is emptied regularly & is correctly maintained and cleaned.

There are many reasons to ensure your tanks are emptied regularly, not only to ensure the safety of the environment from contaminated water but also to reduce the risk of potentially costly repairs to your property if your septic tank or cesspit was to malfunction.

Based in Bradford, our team work throughout West Yorkshire including areas such as Leeds, Huddersfield, Keighley, Halifax, Dewsbury & Wakefield.

Our Services Include:

All work is competitively priced, with work being carried out to an impeccable standard for both domestic and commercial customers.

Septic Tank Emptying in Bradford

Bentley Drains has experience in cleaning all types of septic tanks across Bradford, Harrogate and West Yorkshire in a responsible and affordable way

Septic tank emptying should be carried out regularly as a part of hygiene and maintenance. At Bentley Drains, we regularly inspect, clean and undertake maintenance of septic tanks & cesspits to ensure hygiene in your property. With the use of modern technology and a team of expert professionals, we can clean all types of septic tanks for domestic and commercial customers, no matter how big or small the job is.

When to Empty a Septic Tank

Septic tanks or cesspits need to be emptied regularly to ensure you’re not responsible for environmental risk or damage.

If you do not empty your septic tank regularly the tank can easily overflow or malfunction which would cause contaminated liquids and faeces to escape the tank into the local environment.

There are several tell tale sign that show you many need to empty your septic tank or cesspit:

• Issues with slow drainage of sinks, toilers or baths & showers. With the issues not being fixed when attempting to unblock the drainage system.

• Foul & unpleasant smells around the location of the septic tank. This would usually imply there is a lot of waste materials and faeces within the take, making it essential to empty it.

• Pooling water around this drain field. If you have pooling water around your septic tank this usually means that the piping system is clogged and the liquids only escape is by rising out of the drainage field of the septic tank.

There is no set timeframe for you to have your septic tank or cesspit emptied as this all depends on usage, size of the property, size of the septic tank and many other external factors however, it is advised to have a septic tank emptied and cleaned at least once per year.

This will help stop potential overflows, reduce the risk of bad smells and odours and reduce the risk of leaking and damages.

The Cost of Septic Tank Emptying

There are several things to factor in when understanding the cost of emptying, cleaning or maintaining your septic tank or cesspit. 

The key factors within pricing for the removal of waste from a septic tank or cesspit are travel distance, the volume of waste and the accessibility of the septic tank.

Typically tanks are relatively easy to access as they have been installed correctly but on larger properties, they can sometimes be difficult to access and drain. 

What's the difference between a Cesspit & a Septic Tank?

There are several differences between a cesspit & a septic tank, but both of them do very similar jobs and are fit depending on their local environment.

Both cesspits & septic tanks collect wastewater & sewage from households or business premises such as caravan parks, holiday parks or business premises that have no connection to main sewers.

A cesspit is a tank that is installed underground that collects wastewater & sewage but doesn’t undertake any processing of waste or water.

A septic tank does the same job as a cesspit with regards to holding waste & wastewater but unlike a cesspit, a septic tank undertakes the process of separating the waste from the water.

As the wastewater enters the septic tank the solids begin to settle at the bottom, whilst the design allows the water to flow through the first chamber in the second holding chamber.

Once the septic tank has allowed the water through the treatment process is enters back into the environment into either a stream or a soakaway. A soakaway is a hole that has been dug and filled with rubble & stones which allows the water to slowly filter through and return back into the surrounding land.

If you have a septic tank or cesspit installed on your property, please ensure that you get it emptied regularly and are only flushing the correct items down the toilet. This means no baby wipes, sanitary towels, food waste, fat or grease. Doing so will cause damage to your septic tank, lead to blocks and will eventually block your drains causing expensive repairs.

If you’re having issues with your drainage, Bentley Drains offer professional drain unblocking & repairs.

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